Water for Humanity

Water is life!

The Water for Humanity program by We Care for Humanity, a part of Clean Water Advocacy (SDG12), constructs enduring shallow water wells for remote communities in developing nations. 

The Water for Humanity program not only provides access to clean water but also tackles various challenges faced by remote communities. By constructing sustainable shallow water wells, it addresses issues related to health and well-being, reduces the burden on young girls who often have to travel long distances to fetch water, and supports the irrigation needs of crops and the hydration needs of animals in these regions. Through this initiative, We Care for Humanity is making a significant impact on the lives of those in need, promoting a healthier and more sustainable future for all. 

As of now, WCH has constructed three solar shallow wells in Kenya and remains committed to extending this initiative to other developing nations in the near future.



First Water for Humanity Project in Kenya, 2022

WCH's Pilot Community Water for Humanity Project in Kenya successfully concluded in April 2023. The images showcase the construction of a shallow well for the residents of Kwa Tita in the Katuluni area of Waita ward, located in Mwingi Central.

This initiative by WCH was specifically designed to support women and girls who previously had to travel long distances in search of water, particularly during dry periods. The provision of water by We Care for Humanity now benefits 3,000 families, 800 donkeys, 600 cows, and over 3,000 goats in the region.




 Second Water for Humanity Project in Kitui, Kenya 2023