We Care for Humanity (WCH) is a nonprofit organization recognized as a 501(c)(3) entity since 2011. With headquarters in California, Illinois, and Nevada, as well as branches in more than 20 countries, WCH is globally respected for its dedication to addressing critical global issues aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). These goals include ending poverty and hunger, promoting quality education, ensuring access to clean water, advocating for gender equality, combating climate change, and supporting peace and stable institutions.

Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, We Care for Humanity has played a crucial role in various humanitarian efforts.


WCH's mission is to foster a compassionate world through acts of kindness, with a focus on empowering women and nurturing children for a brighter future by offering education, clean water, and economic opportunities. The organization thrives on community involvement, advocating for peace, arts and culture, providing relief aid, and cultivating an environment where everyone can prosper and reach their full potential. Ultimately, WCH envisions a world transformed into a humanitarian society.


The heart-shaped hand logo serves as a powerful visual representation of the profound values that WE CARE FOR HUMANITY (WCH) upholds. Love, hope, peace, compassion, and cooperation are not just words for this organization; they are the driving force behind every initiative and action taken.

It is truly inspiring to see influential figures from around the world, from global leaders to dignitaries, royalty, and diplomats, come together under the banner of WCH. Their support and commitment to championing universal humanitarian ideals speak volumes about the importance of compassion and unity in today's world. By joining forces with WCH, these individuals are not just making a statement; they are actively working towards creating a brighter and more caring future for all of humanity.


As a humanitarian-based non-profit organization, We Care For Humanity seeks to promote the development of international relations between nations by contributing to humanity though education, health, entertainment, language, arts and culture.  Our formidable leadership maintains an operation and management that is genuinely democratic, entrepreneurial, cost-effective and always humanitarian. 

We practice and implement plans and programs that are highly beneficial to our target beneficiaries, who are the disadvantaged and underserved women, children, youth and senior citizens, alike. While we value and partner with cause-oriented individuals, business leaders, foundation heads, entrepreneurial titans, academic gurus, and entertainment moguls, we never underestimate that volunteerism is the backbone of any non-profit organization. Thus with our continued quest for highly empowered membership and dynamic volunteers, we expect to continue to grow and be able to serve people and care for humanity.


As an organization, We Care for Humanity beliefs are anchored in the following  Core Values:

HUMILITY- knowing that as individuals, selflessness and serving others is the ultimate sacrifice and achievement one can ever have in life.  

UNDERSTANDING- knowing well and understanding our own skills, knowledge and abilities are the keys to serving and caring for others effectively.

MAGNANIMITY- generosity in understanding the shortcomings or inadequacies of individuals, and being able to see the positive traits of WCH membership.

AMITY- friendship is always a good foundation for any strong organization which through the years is honed to achieve its vision, mission and objectives.  

NOBLE CAUSES- for our organization is anchored in the highest ideals of serving humanity and the noble causes of serving the women, children, and the youth.

INTEGRITY- the organization’s continued quest for a leadership and  membership Imbued with honesty and strong moral principles and uprightness.

TEAM WORK -the effectiveness and efficiency of our combined actions and efforts are what separate us from ordinary non-profit organizations.

YES -to happiness and yes to prosperity! Because, in WCH, we believe that Serving others is the ultimate happiness and that prosperity is always abound when one can serve others. ​





Water for Humanity in Kenya

Global Santa Higaonan Tribe, Day 5

Global Santa Tanzania 2023

Global Santa Higaonan Tribe, Day 4

Global Santa Chinese New Year Feeding & Gift Giving, Vietnam 2023
Rice & Groceries Distribution at AL Markadz Orphanage in Cotabato City
Part 2, Distribution of Rice at Campo Muslim
Rice Distribution at Salimbao, Sultan Kudarat by WCH and Royal Sultanate of Magindanaw